Sunday, February 26, 2012


Link to my podcast: Metzler's podcast

What challenges and potential benefits can you see in utilizing podcasting technology in the classroom? Although we often use podcasts to convey information to our students, what are the benefits of having students develop their own podcasts? How can you incorporate the concept of long term student podcasting in your curriculum (students recording a series of podcasts over the course of a semester)?

Physics is an especially difficult subject to use podcasts in, due to the fact that so much of physics is explanation and creation of diagrams to accompany wording. I believe this would be more useful for students if I was, for example, creating a "book on tape" for some of my students who were struggling readers or using it as instructions for my students on something.

Students, I believe, could benefit from creating podcasts as a way of reminding themselves of specific notes within units. If students created one at the conclusion of each unit of work, they could reference them when final exam time came along. That, along with their notes, could be an excellent study guide. This long term podcasting could also be useful to the teacher in determining what the students know and don't know at the conclusion of a unit in addition to their exam.


  1. I like your idea in using podcasts as a study guide to refresh what has been learned throughout the semester. They can also help the teacher pinpoint what needs to be reviewed before the final.

  2. Makes sense that it would be a challenge to use a podcast in comprehending Physics. Would a possible podcast application be useful where a teacher, or student(s), create a podcast that uses vocabulary to describe a concept and problem that then requires students to diagram the solution based on what they hear?