Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cloud Learning

This post is done as part of the reflective portion of a technology course:

Link to Cloud Learning Lesson: Metzler's Google Doc

Post a reflection of your experience. List potential instructional situations where synchronous meetings would lead to innovative or improved learning experiences for your students. Post comments to two new colleagues' blog posts.

I have used Google Docs before in my class as a way for them to collaborate on specific things, like data attained from a lab. Students are then able to do a much more in depth analysis of the conclusions and implications based on this data and evidence they create. The idea to use a google doc as a way to initially address what students know and don't know about something is new for me. However, I feel it could be a powerful assessment for me, and the students are essentially "anonymous," at least to my students after the document has been closed to them. I plan to use this and, if it goes well, I think it could improve the learning experiences of my students and could increase the formative assessment the students give me.

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