Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Reflect on how the concept of Open Source content is compatible with educational philosophies such as the concept of the democratization of knowledge and development of an educated population.

Open source content is compatible with educational philosophies that emphasize the democratization of knowledge because no one person owns the software, and it is free and available for all to use. Since this is true, anyone can work on the code associated with the software, which leads to larger collaboration amongst the developers of the software. Since there is more collaboration, improvements are continually made as they are needed.

Those who use FOSS are generally free to make comments about the software and ask for things to be done with it, if they are not capable themselves. Some FOSS is very beneficial (such as Physlets), but some is a cheap version of a more technologically advanced software. While this is usually the case, generally the FOSS works, just not as smoothly or presentable as the more technologically advanced software. Still, everyone has access to the FOSS regardless of socioeconomic status, whereas only a certain percent have access to the most advanced software.

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