Monday, February 20, 2012

Diigo Account Experience

Describe your experience in setting up your Diigo account. How could you use this with students? Co-workers? Parents?

Setting up my Diigo account was relatively simple. The only problem that persisted was the addition of students to the group. Diigo would not let me upload the file that was downloaded from portal as a means of importing the students. It continually told me that it was not accepting the .csx file format at that time.

With students, I could use this group as a means of giving them resources which would be useful to them in their studies. If my students each had a blog, I could store the addresses to the students blogs on the Diigo so that each of the students had easy access to everyone else's blog in order to make comments or ask questions. I see no other uses for my Diigo account with students other than that.

For co-workers, this Diigo could be a wonderful place to put resources that would be useful in whatever we were talking about. We could store resources for students or resources for writing curriculum, test writing, etc.

For parents, the Diigo account could be a place where information for helping students succeed could be placed. Additionally, I could place my own personal blog with information on classroom happenings or information on resources that would assist them in helping their child understand material.

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