Sunday, February 26, 2012

Digital Storytelling

Link to Digital Storytelling: Metzler's Digital Storytelling Example

Discuss the benefits and challenges that you anticipate from integrating video into your classroom. How can you best leverage this content to provide your students with enhanced learning opportunities? Do you use existing sources for high quality, relevant materials for your curricular area? If so, list the top two and briefly critique each resource. How can you integrate these resources into your curriculum in a meaningful way for your students?

I currently use video in my classroom as a way of providing information to my students, instead of doing a blanket lecture during class time. I sometimes feel this lecture style is non-beneficial to my students and know that the class time could be used more wisely (group discussions, lab work, carousel problems, etc.).

I also create videos in order to discuss the problem solving process for many of the different types of math problems as I have discovered this is a difficulty for my students. Since they are able to view the videos and listen to the explanation multiple times, it assists them in solving problems for their homework.

Every once in a while, I have my students watch a video on "Brightstorm," which is a group of professors doing videos on Math and Science. They are very thorough and cover a wide range of topics. Generally, I try to steer clear of Khan Academy because I've found that he does not necessarily explain the difficult physics concepts as in depth. I do know that my students sometimes use his knowledge and video base though.

I believe I had incorporated digital storytelling into my curriculum in a meaningful way. Students have started taking the videos seriously when they realize that information presented in the video will not be presented in the class. Of course, if there is a question about the video, that is discussed, but the overall information is left to the video.

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