Sunday, January 29, 2012

Answers to Questions from Prompt

This post focuses on the answers to the following educationally based questions:

1. What is your comfort level with change?
I would think that I am very comfortable with change. However, I am very uncomfortable, especially in the educational sense, with changing for the sake of change. I do not believe this is always the best policy. Also, I believe that it is sometimes necessary to change back to what had worked before instead of just "moving forward" as if nothing ever existed before. I think the past can be a wonderful tool for determining how we should change.

2. What are the three most important educational change agents (directly impacting students) since Gutenberg's press in 1436 in America?
1. The internet
2. E-mail
3. Calculators

3. How has each agent directly impacted the way you educate your students?
The internet is a useful tool that I use to engage my students in a number of resources available to them in order to assist in their learning process.

I am able to receive e-mails from my students am reply to them so they may work more effectively on their homework when I am not present.

Because of calculators, it is more realistic that I ask students to make calculations on difficult formulas. Also, because of calculators, students seem to have lost number sense and rational thought and, instead, focus more on what they have to plug into their calculators instead of what is actually happening with the numbers, the ratios, and the equations.

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